Extract from the 2018 Regulations.

Spa-Francorchamps Circuit (Lenght : 7 km, 3 meter et 95 centimeter)

6-hour endurance race for Touring and GT up to 1965

Qualifying Practice : 1 session of maximum 90-minute duration - Friday September 14, end of the day

Race : maximum 360-minute duration - Saturday September 15, from 15:55 to 21:55

2 or 3 drivers

Signing On & Scrutineering : Thursday September 13 and Friday September 14 - Precise details will be announced in due time

Maximum sound level permitted per car on the track : 112 dB

All cars must be in possession of a Historic Technical Passport (HTP)

Eligible tyres :
• DUNLOP Vintage «L» or «M» Section racing tyres which have 204 Compound only and tread pattern CR65 or earlier

Light must be Period Specification, by definition excluding modern Xenon, LED or similar lights.
Auxiliary lights may be added up to a maximum of six total forward facing lights excluding parking lights

Radio communications between cars and pits are forbidden

The refuelling during the race will only take place at the Total petrol station located inside the paddocks down to the Eau Rouge. All the refuelling area will be regarded as being under the refuelling zone procedure. The driver must get out of his car and do the refuelling himself. The mechanics are not allowed in the refuelling area.
Maximum quantity of fuel for each refuelling : 100 liters

Entry fee : 4900 Euros per car. The fuel is neither included for the practice nor during the race.
Payment is made by credit card or by bank transfer. Payment made by credit card will be increased by 2% for transaction costs.
A deposit of 2400 euros is required to secure your place on the grid. The balance of the entry fee will be required later on